A powerflush can be the solution to a number of central heating problems. Do you suffer from:

  • Cold spots at the bottom of radiators
  • Radiators need repeated bleeding
  • Dirty bleed water
  • Noisy or banging boiler and possibly the boiler cutting out
  • Hot water alternates between hot and cold

Dirty systems:

Dirty systems are inefficient and expensive to run. The boiler will run for longer than necessary and the radiators will not get as hot as they should. The problem is caused by black, or sometimes brown, sludge which is created by oxidation of metal components within your system.

Our engineers will use a Fernox powerflushing machine which will clean the system without having to remove the radiators. Powerflushing chemicals will help to loosen the sludge and the flushing machine sends a powerful surge of water through the system to clean each radiator, one at a time.


Once our engineers have powerflushed your system you will benefit from:

  • A warmer home
  • Improved hot water performance
  • Reduced gas bills

If you would like a powerflushing quote then please count your radiators and give us a call.

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